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    Opening a trendy clothing store is one of the favorite options for many entrepreneurs. If you want to open a business or if you are looking for new suppliers, you will have a lot to choose from.

    Making the right choice will make your business grow and save you a lot of headaches. Take a deep breath and take it easy to find the best supplier of goods for your store.

    Tips to consider before choosing the best wholesale clothing supplier for your store

    • Never choose only 1 clothing supplier, at least 2 or 3 wholesalers, to always have options, such as a variety of clothes and different styles in your store.
    • Price is important but so is the quality of the clothing. Ask the manufacturer or stockist if you can make a small wholesale purchase for your store to make a more detailed assessment.
    • Chinese Manufacturers or European Stockists? That doesn’t matter, it depends on what you’re looking for, always make a small purchase to evaluate the product.
    • Give priority to wholesalers located in Europe, as your order arrives faster and prices today are cheaper than those of Chinese wholesalers, as well as the quality of the clothes being superior.

    Manufacturers – Warehouses – Wholesalers – Clothing Suppliers

    When we open a new store we tend to go to a wholesale warehouse and buy lots of clothes to get the best price, sometimes we also contact manufacturers because we think we’re going to get the best deal.

    90% sometimes it’s one of the biggest mistakes.


    You must now be confused……

    Buying clothes in bulk is a business for clothing wholesalers or wholesalers and only they have the ability to negotiate good prices with manufacturers.

    Remember that your store is not a warehouse, and your customers want variety, not quantity.


    Show your customers that your clothes are unique, original and different from the competition.

    Directories – List of companies focused on clothing resale and wholesalers – Located in Europe

    We have selected some European platforms and directories where you will find a variety of clothing suppliers to sell in your shop or boutique and also on the internet

    Main question on this topic:

    “where to buy clothes to sell?”

    Check the following links:

    Remember that wholesalers and clothing manufacturers don’t do much advertising and many are not listed in directories, so we also advise you to do an intensive search on search engines like google, bing, yahoo.

    Don’t be limited to the first page of search results, many good wholesalers or clothing manufacturers are found on the second and third pages as they do little advertising.

    You have to be patient and as we talked about before, make a small first purchase to evaluate the merchandise and always choose 2 or 3 clothing suppliers, keep your store diversified in clothing styles and sizes.

    For example, you can find an excellent store dedicated to the sale of formal dresses, another wholesaler dedicated to the sale of casual dresses, and another retailer dedicated to the sale of plus size dresses.

    Chinese Clothing Wholesalers – Buy Directly from Manufacturers in China

    China is known as the biggest factory in the world, so you might be tempted or dreamed of looking for a Chinese clothing manufacturer

    Check the following links:

    Be very careful, buying directly from wholesalers in China has a very high risk, if you want to sell Chinese clothing, we advise you to find a wholesaler who sells Chinese clothing located in Europe, as in case of any problem you will have a place to make a complaint.

    Don’t get me wrong, you can buy directly from Chinese suppliers, but please note:

    – Import has many associated costs (transport and taxes).

    – It takes 30 to 180 days to deliver the clothes.

    – You have to buy clothes in quantities to be profitable, (minimum €5000 to €15,000).

    In short:

    Does it pay to buy clothes from Chinese manufacturers?

    Remember you are a clothing store, you are not, nor should you be a clothing stockist.

    To trade clothes in quantities you need a lot of experience, for that reason there are dedicated clothes wholesalers and wholesalers.

    The answer is no, whether Chinese or European manufacturers, don’t buy clothes in quantity, the profit will stay on your store shelf.

    Bonus – Know that we are a credible clothing wholesaler in Europe

    ‘Stockist Diferente Fashion’, known in Europe, ‘Wholesale Different Fashion’

    Of course we want you to consider us and choose us as one of your favorite clothing wholesalers, that’s why we are dedicated to wholesale original clothing for stores and we believe we can do excellent business together. We also provide a dropshipping service for those who want to set up an online clothing store

    Check the links on our reseller websites:

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