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  • There are pros and cons to wearing non maternity outfits during your pregnancy. The biggest pro is of course saving money while being able to make good use of your existing wardrobe, however, the con is that this rule doesn’t apply to everything you own.

    For example, jeans and other trousers are just not going to cut it anymore – and this is where maternity clothes come in.

    I’m currently seven months pregnant and I knew from the get-go that I didn’t want to compromise on my style or spend loads on items I might not wear again – even if I were to have a second baby, I might be in my third trimester during a different season, thus making maternity summer dresses pointless.

    So I set about looking at my existing wardrobe and seeing what I could make work vs. what I had to park for a few months. Luckily, I am a big dress wearer, and particularly love floaty styles and knitted dresses in winter, both of which could easily fit my growing bump.

    Other wardrobe basics I found worked were oversized shirts and jumpers, as well as jumpsuits and blazers. Quite a few pregnant women have gotten in touch with me on Instagram asking me ‘how can I wear non-maternity clothes while pregnant?’, so I thought I’d share my top picks here.

    These are all items you can buy now and wear during your pregnancy, but also cherish for long after your baby’s born.